Xiaomi to Launch a Smartphone With 64MP Camera

Xiaomi to Launch a Smartphone With 64MP Camera

The current flagship smartphones we see now have used upto 48 megapixel camera combined with 2 or 3 cameras that have their specialized functionality. The competition of bringing latest technology on their products have led to development of new features and improvements in various aspects. In the same race, leading Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has released a small teaser of the new smartphone, without slowing the discussion of such cameras.


A teaser published on Chinese social media Weibo shows that the new smartphone will have a 64 megapixel camera. The name of the smartphone and the date of its launch are not specified yet but the teaser showed their new smartphone with 64 MP super camera.

The announcement comes a month after a competing company Samsung announced a 64-megapixel sensor used for smartphones. The teaser released by Xiaomi has indicated that the zoom power of the new camera is immense.


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